Michael Bates & Samuel Blaser Quintet - One From None 2013

Michael Bates & Samuel Blaser Quintet - One From None (2013)
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Genre: Jazz | Label: Fresh Sound New Talent
Listen to the connection between all five players on the recordings, "One From None" and "Book Nine" and it's quickly apparent that the incredible musical vibe is no accident. Co-leaders of a group that plays a fascinating blend of creative jazz, the blues and wild electric grooves, Samuel Blaser and Michael Bates have assembled a group already with a deep musical history. Since meeting in New York around 2004, they have been talking about co-leading a band but due to their own touring schedules it took a few years. Once the choice was made however, finding the musicians was easy; everyone was already connected.
Russ Lossing plays in both Bates' Shostakovich-oriented quintet and Blaser's Monteverdi-inspired quartet "Consort in Motian" as well as drummer Jeff Davis' piano trio. Bates has been a long term member of saxophonist Michael Blake's bands and the rhythm section of Davis and Bates have powered countless projects and toured extensively though out North America and Europe. In December, 2011 the group chemistry was so strong that Bates and Blaser booked a studio and recorded nine pieces as if it were a concert and the album "One From None" was finished in mere hours. Co-leader Samuel Blaser comments: "It's a special band. The personalities are perfect and we can, and do, go in many different directions quite effortlessly." Bates continues: "Sam and I had talked about the idea of using more soulful melodies and grooves while using forms that didn't abandon the creative jazz element. We brought in some very special players with strong musical visions and the music just exploded. Blake adds soul and depth to the tunes, Lossing is like a mad scientist with an ability to create a sonic landscape unlike any thing I could dream up and Jeff is one the best drummers around and, like the rest of the musicians in the quintet, he channels the history of the music in an incredibly forward thinking way". The album "One From None" will be released in September/October 2012 on Fresh Sound New Talent records and features nine pieces penned by the Michael Bates and Samuel Blaser. [...] Michael Bates and Samuel Blaser have been creating cutting edge jazz for nearly a decade and together they have created an excellent quintet that not only takes the best of what the leaders do but it takes everyone in a new direction....


1. One From None 9:10
2. Van Gogh 7:14
3. It Began To Get Dark 5:16
4. Balance 6:42
5. Recurring Dream 6:01
6. Dogfish 8:08
7. Uncertain Salvo 6:09
8. Rising Moon 9:47


Michael Blake (saxophone),
Samuel Blaser (trombone),
Russ Lossing (piano, Fender Rhodes),
Michael Bates (bass),
Jeff Davis (drums).


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