Injury and Skeletal Biomechanics - Tarun Goswami

Injury and Skeletal Biomechanics by Tarun Goswami
221 pages | 2012 | English | ISBN: 9535106906 | PDF | 13 MB

This book covers many aspects of Injury and Skeletal Biomechanics. As the title represents, the aspects of force, motion, kinetics, kinematics, deformation, stress and strain are examined in a range of topics such as human muscles and skeleton, gait, injury and risk assessment under given situations.

Topics range from image processing to articular cartilage biomechanical behavior, gait behavior under different scenarios, and training, to musculoskeletal and injury biomechanics modeling and risk assessment to motion preservation.


Section 1 Motion Preservation
1 The Women``s Pelvic Floor Biomechanics
2 Locomotion Transition Scheme of Multi-Locomotion Robot
3 Using the Knowledge of Biomechanics in Teaching Aikido
Section 2 Musculoskeletal and Injury Biomechanics
4 The Role of Skull Mechanics in Mechanism of Cerebral Circulation
5 Biomechanics of the Fractured Femoral Neck-The New BDSF-Method of Positioning the Implant as a Simple Beam with an Overhanging End
6 Comparison of Intracranial Pressure bv Lateral and Frontal Impacts - Validation of Computational Model
7 Cervical Spinal Injuries and Risk Assessment
Section 3 Gait Behavior
8 Methodology for the Assessment of Joint Efforts During Sit to Stand Movement
9 Modeling the Foot-Strike Event in Running Fatigue via Mechanical Impedances
Section 4 Quantitative Biomechanics
10 Correlating Micro-CT Imaging with Quantitative Histology
11 Mechanical Behavior of Articular Cartilage


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