MAN Workshop Infosystem 2013 Multilanguage (x86/x64)

MAN Workshop Infosystem 2013 Multilanguage (x86/x64)

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MAN Workshop Infosystem 2013 Multilanguage (x86/x64) | 2.68 GB
MAN WIS dealer documentation on repair trucks and buses MAN. This program provides information on the repair, maintenance,
, wiring diagrams. Currently repair manual is an aid for the proper repairs
described here for the vehicles and units, and reflects the technical level of the material at the time of going to print.
In the development of this guidance implies the presence of the professional skills required to work with vehicles and
Illustrations and corresponding descriptions are typical snapshots, which do not always correspond to the repaired unit,
not being correct. In such cases, the planning and repair work is carried out as appropriate.
Repair complex additional units performed our customer service or the service of the manufacturer.
On these units, the text provides a special instruction.
Repairs are classified into sections and subsections. Each subsection begins with a page "Background of the work."
Background of the work is a summary of the main conditions for the described repairs.
For the Background of the work can be followed by a detailed description of the work.
Extras. Information: This has got me in the files of a single service in Yaroslavl, where the "admins" specifically deleted from the file Prog MANWIS.exe
Version (for sure do not ask), thinking that it would be useless without it, but ...
This image is mounted on drive L. If the disc is not L, then copy the folder MANWIS to any other, and the rules File MANWISUser.ini
in your Prog, then - MANWIS.exe all.
In the folder X: \ MANWIS \ Data \ PDF files copied from previous hands. If you do not open PDF-files
it separates the Adobe Reader - Edit - Settings - trust manager - Edit - allow files
PDF access to all sites - OK. Who needs e. schemes print them (2x2) or - monitor output with a diagonal over a meter.
If the image is mounted, some pages do not print. That's all. Good luck to you ladies and gentlemen!

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