BETA CAE Systems (ANSA, Meta Post, CAD Translator) v14.1.2 (x86/x64)

BETA CAE Systems (ANSA, Meta Post, CAD Translator) v14.1.2 (x86/x64)

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BETA CAE Systems (ANSA, Meta Post, CAD Translator) v14.1.2 (x86/x64) | 2.25 GB
BETA CAE Systems S.A. is a private software and engineering company committed to the development of state-of-the-art pre- and post-processing solutions for multi-sisciplinary CAE applications.

BETA CAE Systems flagship products suite, comprised by ANSA pre-processor and µETA post-processor, tahnks to its innovation and efficiency, holds a leading position in the CAE software market, worldwide. This product suite sets the standards in CAE pre- and post-processing in many sectors, including automotive, railway, aerospace, motorsports, marine design, electronics and academic.
Solutions Overview
ANSA is an advanced CAE pre-processing tool for Finite Element Analysis that provides all the necessary functionality for full-model build up, from CAD data to ready-to-run solver input file, in a single integrated environment, for numerous solvers.

µETA Post Processor is an advanced post-processing software that provides a broad range of functionality for analyzing and generating reports on 2D and 3D results coming from numerous solvers and physical tests.
The Synergy
The partnership with Siemens PLM Software is a technologic enabler that leverages the development and deployment of a Teamcenter for Simulation to ANSA interface. Interfacing Teamcenter for Simulation with ANSA CAE pre-processor, tailored to the customers requirements and Teamcenter configuration allows the seamless engineering data integration between the two established applications in two different domains, PLM and CAE, proving the feasibility and efficiency of simulation data management methodologies. Apparently, this integration leads to time and cost reduction of the overall product development cycle and proves further the purpose of deploying PLM solutions within an organization.

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