Build Muscle Without Weights David Nordmark

Build Muscle Without Weights David Nordmark Epub, PDF l 8 MB
Learn how to build muscle without weights, fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships

If you?ÇÖre like most people you know how much richer your life could be if you were in better shape. You?ÇÖd feel better; look better and life would just be easier. But who has the time or money to go to a gym? What can you do?
The solution is Build Muscle Without Weights: The Complete Book Of Dynamic Self-Resistance Isotonic Exercises. This book shows you how to perform incredibly simple yet effective self-resistance exercises using nothing but what god gave you. Done properly, self-resistance exercises allow you to pit muscle against muscle in order to build a beautiful yet powerful physique from the comfort of your own home. These exercises can be done by anyone of any age safely and effectively. If you dedicate yourself to these dynamic isotonic exercises you can expect the following:

Develop a perfectly muscled chest

Washboard abs that will get noticed on any beach

Well-rounded shoulders

Muscular arms

Maintain a flexible and healthy spine


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