Adguard v5.6 Build

Adguard v5.6 Build | 5 Mb

Adguard 5.6 - antibanner new generation, who quietly clean out all the annoying ads c Web-pages. Adguard developed by national experts so that the antibanner very good fit RUzonu. About what kind of spam removes Adguard and can not speak, as he cleans out all the ads! Also one of the very useful advantages is the anti-phishing module that does not allow you to go to dangerous websites that are involved in the fraud over ordinary users. What to update a database Adguard updated weekly that can achieve the maximum effect in the control of annoying advertising, and direct all forces developers to eliminate any errors and improvement of such a great program as Adguard. The program has 7 language interface, running s all possible browsers and does not clash of different antivirus.

1. Works with all popular browsers;
2. Designed for ad-blocking characteristic of the headings;
3. Easy to use, discreetly blocks ads in the background;
4. Has the browser module for blocking ads by hand;
5. Works "out of the box" without requiring any additional configuration;
6. It is indispensable when using a 3G modem, as speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth;

+ Support for QT Web Browser
+ Support for browser Sleipnir
+ Custom search query logging
+ Improved mechanism of the program, in the proxy server
+ In the installation file included a basic set of filters and rules
+ Are filtered over a large range of ports
+ In proxy mode Adguard automatically monitors system settings

* Fixed an issue with the lack of filtering on some ports
* Fixed a conflict with ESET NOD when filtering https
* Error when accessing https websites in Opera
* Fixed a problem with the periodic inhibition of Opera
* The problem with the connection to the server flash games on Facebook and
* The problem with the timing chosen Maxthon Browser
* The problem of compatibility with Opera link
* Errors when loading certain pages
* Errors in some flash applications
* Other minor bugs 

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